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eLRT, short for electronic Labor Rights Template, is a free, open-access, Excel-based template designed to support companies in their compliance with global human trafficking and modern-day slavery legislation. The template facilitates the collection, analysis, communication, and reporting of the relevant anti-slavery measures through the supply and provision chains in accordance with the regulatory and company-specific requirements. The eLRT template will be available for download on this website in fall 2016.

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eLRT is based on a set of seven recent US, EU, and UK human trafficking and slavery laws directed at the private sector. On April 27, 2016, iPoint published a commissioned framework authored by Dr. Chris N. Bayer that identifies how these laws overlap to provide orientation to companies subject to several of these laws.

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Who is eLRT?

To ensure the template’s sensitivity, robusticity, and responsiveness to the present reporting requirements and at-risk labor practices, a multi-stakeholder forum under the lead of Dr. Chris Bayer and iPoint-systems and is currently reviewing the template. The eLRT stakeholder forum includes representatives drawn from the private sector, civil society, and government. A similarly composed steering committee ensures the quality and further development of the standard, continuously manages eLRT-related matters, and engages with the stakeholder forum.

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iPoint-systems has published a commissioned framework of human trafficking and slavery laws directed at the private sector.

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