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eLRT Lite (the electronic Labor Rights Template Lite, engineered for global value chain data exchange)

Version 1.10 (updated July 21, 2020; launched Aug. 2, 2019)
Excel, 55 KB

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eLRT (electronic Labor Rights Template)

Version 1.0 (launched Nov. 10, 2016)
Excel, 439 KB

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Along with eLRT Version 1.0, you will also receive the download links for the Concept Paper and the Framework:


"The electronic Labor Rights Template (eLRT): Introducing an anti-slavery B2B mapping, measurement, and reporting tool for global supply and service chains"

Author: Dr. Chris N. Bayer. Published on November 10, 2016. Funded by iPoint-systems.

PDF, 776 KB


"Corporate liabilities for modern-day slavery in supply and service chains: A transnational framework"

Author: Dr. Chris N. Bayer. First published on: April 27, 2016. Revised version, published on: November 10, 2016. Funded by iPoint-systems.
PDF, 431 KB